Refund Policy

MNITS Computer Services refunds are handled on a case by case basis. For questions, concerns, disputes or refund requests, please contact us at: 763.682.6202 or

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of MNITS Computer Services that CEO/Owner, employees and affiliates of MNITS Computer Services may not disclose, divulge, or make accessible confidential information belonging to, or obtained through their affiliation with employees, customers, and client’s and/or their client servicing groups to any person, including relatives, friends, and business and professional associates, other than to persons who have a legitimate need for such information and to whom MNITS Computer Services has authorized disclosure.

CEO/Owner and employees shall use confidential information solely for the purpose of performing services as a trustee or employee of MNITS Computer Services. This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law. No employee shall use electronic media, verbal or written communication to divulge personal, confidential information.

CEO/Owner, employees, volunteers and contractors must exercise good judgment and care at all times to avoid unauthorized or improper disclosures of confidential information. Conversations in public places, such as restaurants, elevators, and public transportation, should be limited to matters that do not pertain to information of a sensitive or confidential nature. In addition, CEO/Owner and employees should be sensitive to the risk of inadvertent disclosure and should for example, refrain from leaving confidential information on desks or otherwise in plain view and refrain from the use of speaker phones to discuss confidential information if the conversation could be heard by unauthorized persons.

At the end of employment or upon the termination of an employee's, volunteer's or contractor's relationship with MNITS Computer Services, he or she shall return, at the request of MNITS Computer Services, all documents, papers, and other materials, regardless of medium, which may contain or be derived from confidential information, in his or her possession.

Terms and Contitions

MNITS will use its best efforts to resolve customer’s technical problems in a professional, reasonable and timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems. Response times may be delayed due to research and inquiries, as may be necessary. MNITS does not assure that every request for technical support will be resolved. MNITS consultations constitute only advice and suggestions. Technical problems may be a result of software or hardware failure, corruption or user error and may not be correctable. MNITS reserves the right to refrain from providing any or all services ordered and refund your payment if reasonable minus any labor, parts, or any other charges that may apply or occur, wholly or in part, if minimum system requirements are not met or if technical conditions or customer requirements are unusual, extensive, or beyond the scope of this service agreement or beyond the technicians control as reasonably determined by MNITS. MNITS will never share anything that they may find or come across on from a customer’s computer/hard drive unless illegal content or if the law requires disclosure.

You understand and agree that prior to contacting or allowing MNITS to perform diagnostic repair or any other services on your computer, it is your responsibility to back-up the data, software, information or other files stored on your computer disks and/or drives. You acknowledge and agree that MNITS shall not be responsible under any circumstance for any loss or corruption of data and/or acknowledge and agree that MNITS shall not be responsible under any circumstance for any loss or corruption of data and/or software or hardware or any other parts as well as CD's/DVD's etc… You also acknowledge if a System Reinstallation occurs, you will lose all files on your hard drive. You agree to pay fees in accordance with MNITS rates and policies. Any computer or other computer related items, such as, software, hardware, monitors, computers, towers, laptops, not picked up or any unpaid fees that are due that go beyond 30 days, you give MNITS the right to take ownership of any and all said items.

You agree to pay “MNITS” in full for products and services rendered. Failure to pay will result in legal actions in which you agree to pay for all legal costs, including all collection and attorney fees incurred by “MNITS” to obtain payment. Any check not honored upon presentation to a bank will incur $35 bad check fee each time it is presented to a bank or whatever maximum is allowed by law, whichever is greater. Any invoice not paid in full within 30 days will accrue interest maximum allowed by law compounded daily or whatever maximum allowed by law from the date of the original invoice. All sales are final.

MNITS will not be held responsible for any problems arising from third party software installed on your computer by our technicians, you, or other third party. MNITS will not be held liable for lost data due to hardware failure, virus, spyware, corruption or any other situation. If any problems with third party software or hardware arise, it is your responsibly to obtain support from the manufacturer of the product at fault. Under no circumstances shall MNITS be liable to you or any other person for any damages, including without limitation any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expenses costs, profits, lost savings or earnings, lost or corrupted data, or other liability arising out of or related to the services provided by MNITS or out of the installation, de-installation, use of, or inability to use your computer equipment, hardware, peripherals, or the network as a result of the services provided hereunder. MNITS shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance due to any cause. If MNITS ability to render services is impaired by your failure to cooperate or circumstances beyond the control of MNITS, MNITS may choose not to provide services.

You agree to release and hold harmless MNITS from and against any loss, liability, or damage, including without limitation, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expense, costs, profits, lost savings or earnings or liability that you, the owner, or lessee may suffer arising out of, or related to, the services provided by MNITS and all of their employees. This includes but is not limited to data loss or lack of function in any component or element of your computer system and/or peripherals as a result of MNITS actions or the actions of its agents, partners, and/or third-party service providers. You agree that MNITS’s total liability for damages related to its provision of services is limited to the total amount you pay for such services, and you release MNITS from liability for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages. By signing this form, you are claiming the computer is yours or you have permission to allow MNITS to perform work and claim the computer or any other items are not stolen or any other unlawful act.

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