Technology Services

Whether it's your home PC or your business network, we can help.  We know that a foundation based on integrity, professional service, and quality results is all the more critical. High standards make every call, every computer, every person we help important.  

  • We'll work within your budget to provide you with the technology your business requires. 
  • We'll work around your schedule to minimize office disruptions so you can stay productive
  • Whether it's by phone or by email, we're always ready to support you when you need us.
  • We design networks and secured wired and wireless systems (Wi-Fi) for your home or small business. 
  • Our experienced staff can often fix problems either over the phone with you, or over the internet using remote control software.

Quality Service

As your technology partner, we work with you to identify the best technology solution for your particular needs. You are assured industry-approved service by certified, qualified staff. Our experience in home applications such as Quicken, Microsoft Office Products, Outlook email, and others, can work to your benefit.


Protecting your PC from theft of data is also our business. Operating system updates, secure firewalls, as well as antivirus and antispyware programs are all part of the technological “insurance” you need to keep your PC running smooth.

Reduced Costs

Our business is making sure you get connected and stay connected, whether by Cable, Modem, or DSL. We offer a very reasonable hourly rate. Or, for those wanting to budget consistently, we also offer a Managed Services Agreement, which merges reduced rates with regular, dependable service.

Data Recovery and Backup

We can help you implement a sound back up plan to ensure that your data is secure. When hardware fails, we want to help make sure that you don’t lose the checkbook data or those precious wedding and baby photos.

We offer long range wireless solutions for places in your home or business if you can't get a wireless signal.

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